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Journal – Kisany Social Entreprise
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  • École des femmes

    The Ecole des Femmes is an annual education and training programme for the KISANY embroiderers and weavers across East Africa. In 2015, funded through the Sisley Foundation, 372 hours of training were offered, including courses in Preventative Healthcare, Literacy, Financial Planning, Management and Women’s Rights. Ecole des Femmes empowers the women to improve their own lives and build healthier families and communities.


    Bijou was only just 15 when her mother introduced her to KISANY. She quickly picked up the art of embroidery and joined Kisany’s team of women, alongside her mother. Even at such a young age, she was driven to help take care of her family and take control of her own life.

    Despite her full-time schedule in the Kisany workshop, Bijou was dedicated and continued her education. As she worked and learned, she grew in confidence and independence. Everyone on the team valued her work and her contribution at home was life changing for her parents and siblings. ‘At 17 I bought my own bed and mattress. It makes me feel capable and respected to purchase my own things and help buy things for home.’

    Kisany is very proud to have helped Bijou find her place in the community and realise her dream of graduating. She has just completed the Management and Development programme at the Higher Institute of Computer and Management in Goma. She is one of very few in her family or community to graduate from professional school. The course has taken 5 years to complete – her work at Kisany helped pay fees for the first 3 years and the Fund Ngangi provided financial assistance for her final two years.

    In parallel with school, Bijou continued to work and in 2014 she was asked to manage the social and educational component of Kisany, Ecole des Femmes. Whilst many of her peers struggled with unemployment, this management role at Kisany offered her invaluable experience and the opportunity to practice the theories she studied at school.

    Bijou not only graduated, but received outstanding results! She is a symbol of success, courage and determination for her family and the entire community. It doesn’t stop here – with Kisany’s support Bijou now hopes to work toward her Masters in Business Development! ‘In my experience, Kisany is the key to making my dreams my reality.’

    Congratulations Bijou!


    Bijou a à peine 15 ans lorsqu’elle intègre l’équipe de KISANY. C’est sa maman qui l’initie à la broderie et l’introduit au projet afin que la jeune femme puisse l’aider à prendre soin de la famille et surtout, à prendre sa vie en main.


    Last September, 101 children went back to school in Goma.
    Thanks to SISLEY- D’ORNANO Foundation, the children of our embroiderers get an uniform and school materials. Thank you SISLEY !


    En septembre dernier, 100 enfants de Goma ont eu la chance de pouvoir reprendre le chemin de l’école. Grâce à La Fondation Sisley d’Ornano soutient, depuis 3 ans, les projets sociaux de Kisany.


    In 2013 Tengeneza was living in Goma with her husband and 5 children, running a small shop on her own. She was working hard to repay a debt for an emergency caesarean during the birth of her fifth child. In 2014, Tengeneza learned about Kisany and trained as an embroiderer, helping with a large order for Sisley. This work helped pay off 40% of her debt.

    Around the time she finished the Sisley embroidery project, Tengeneza and her family faced a personal tragedy that turned their lives upside down. Her husband was murdered in their home. The following month, Tengeneza gave birth to her sixth child and she soon found herself drowning in debt. In an effort to feed her 6 children, she quickly sold all the goods in the small shop. Tengeneza was left with no way to support her children. For 5 months her family struggled to support the widow and her children, but they couldn’t continue paying for food, school fees and rent.

    In July 2016, Tengeneza’s friends at Kisany told her of a big project in progress, the “GIVE WORK” campaign. Each of Kisany’s GIVE WORK products represent one day of work for a woman in Congo. She visited Kisany’s head embroiderer, Espe, and asked for work to help support her family. Sensitive to her situation and eager to help, Espe added Tengeneza to the GIVE WORK team and sent her home with a tea towel to embroider. This work came just in time – with her first paycheck she purchased 12 kilograms of flour and 10 measures of beans to feed her children. Unfortunately she was unable to pay school fees and her children had to stop going to school.

    In August 2016, with her second paycheck from Kisany in her pocket, Tengeneza purchased a quantity of salted fish heads, which she resold around her neighborhood. With the proceeds of this business venture she bought more food and her children were able to eat 2 meals a day again.

    From this point, she divided her time between embroidery and selling the goods she purchased. Despite this small success, Tengeneza was heartbroken that she could not afford school fees for her children. It looked like they would miss another year of school. Around the time of school enrolment, Kisany announced a new programme, funded by Sisley, to pay school fees for the children of Kisany workers. Tengeneza applied and her children were accepted into the programme. They enrolled immediately and are attending school today.

    From the depths of sadness and hardship, Tengeneza has regained control of her life and, with the help of Kisany, is building a better future for her children.

    “KISANY has done so much for me. I am grateful for the love and the solidarity of the team, the work sewing and embroidering. This has given me a solace and joy I didn’t know I could have after my husband’s death. I feel reborn. I have renewed hope and strength to fight for myself and my children.”

    Tengeneza, Kisany embroiderer Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo


    En 2013, Tengeneza est mariée, mère de 5 enfants et gère une petite boutique à son compte. C’est pour rembourser les dettes de la césarienne qu’elle a subi lors de l’accouchement de son dernier enfant que Tengeneza apprend la broderie. C’est ainsi qu’en 2014, elle participe comme brodeuse supplémentaire, à la réalisation d’une commande pour SISLEY, remboursant ainsi 40% de sa dette.


    Goma’s embroiderers empower themself and create their own non-profit association.

    Kisany’s highly successful Ecole des Femmes began in 2015 with support and funding from the Fondation Sisley d’Ornano. Training courses have included Intro to Computers, Intro to the Internet, Leadership and Setting and Acheiving Goals. The training programme evolved further in 2016 backed by the Fundación Juan Entrecanales de Azcárate of Madrid and a Belgian supporter.

    In these 2 years, the training has changed the face of Kisany, awakening and strengthening talents in many team members, and building strong management ability in our leaders. The training has highlighted how able, goal-oriented and self-sufficient the team in Goma has become in recent years.

    It is clear to all that the time has come to increase empowerment, to broaden ownership within the team and to create a non-profit association under Congolese law.

    After several months working through administrative procedures and the financial structure for this new non-profit association, everyone celebrated when AGAPE was officially established last October, with plans for a full roll-out in 2017.

    The first local line of products has been developed and AGAPE is currently showcased in three Goma businesses:

    – Hotel Lake Kivu Lodge, 162 Alindi Avenue, Quartier Katindo.
    – Restaurant Le Chalet, 164 Avenue Maniema, Quartier Katindo
    – Retaurant Nyumbani, 1 Boulevard Kanya Mulanga

    We are excited about the future of this endeavor and especially pleased that L’Ecole des Femmes will continue, thanks to another generous donation from Fondation Entrecanales. We look forward to discovering and developing more skills amongst existing and new team members.

    The continued support of our European clients is needed and appreciated more than ever. KISANY patrons can expect the same level of beauty, quality and consistency in our future products. The AGAPE team will continue to provide stunning embroidered linens for our European line, whilst growing their local relationships in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Contact Details:

    Contact person : Joseph Muhima
    Adress : Avenue Walikale 11, Quartier des Volcans, Goma
    Phone Number : +243 970068880, +243 819053009
    Mail :

  • Création d’AGAPE

    La décision d’autonomiser l’équipe et de former une asbl de droit congolais est apparue comme une évidence pour tout le monde. Après plusieurs mois de démarches administratives et le soutien financier de l’asbl En avant les Enfants, la structure locale asbl AGAPE 

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